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Daughters of Magdalene

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From the Desk of :

Chirstopher Sciullo

A Divorced Mother of 5, scraped together all her savings and purchased a company where she worked.  This woman was my mother. It was 1970, and I was only 10 at the time. I remember helping her put out her product. She sold a Subscription Service that delivered 8 Pre-Recorded Cassette Tapes from the most famous Preachers of that Time.

The entire collection of Thesis Theological Cassettes is available at Vanderbilt University Library 50+ years later.

Every month I helped my mother pack and ship her Packets of Cassettes until I left for College. I remember asking her why she was so driven, she replied, “Strike 1, I’m a Woman, and the churches are still a Male Driven environment. Strike 2, in business, Women just don’t own Businesses. Strike 3, I didn’t go to college or business school.  By all accounts, I should have failed. But here I am 10 Years later, selling my business to Houghton Mifflin.”

When asked why she did it, even when everything was against her, she replied, “I just followed the Footprints of Mary Magdalene.”

Mary Magdalene was a vital figure in building the early church. Her transformation through encountering Jesus showcased the power of God’s grace and forgiveness, setting an example for all believers.

As one of the first witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection, she played a crucial role in spreading the message of hope and salvation. Her devotion, faithfulness, and willingness to proclaim the good news exemplify the importance of women in God’s plan for the growth and expansion of the church.

A Women’s unique gifts, perspectives, and contributions are essential in building a vibrant and diverse body of Christ, reflecting God’s love for the world.

To honor my mom, with the help of my friend, Emily Johnson, I put together this book that gives all women a pathway to rebuilding the church.

Transform Your Journey:

From Learner to Leader in Christ

Why Small Groups Work:

In a world where individualism and separation are often celebrated, the significance of starting a Small Group In-Home Bible study stands as a profound counterbalance. These gatherings hold a vital role in nurturing authentic community and fostering spiritual growth, fostering a sense of belonging that our hearts deeply crave.

1. Cultivating Authentic Relationships: In a digitally-driven age, genuine connections are rare treasures. Small Group Bible studies offer a space where individuals can form deep, meaningful relationships. As we gather together around the Word, we also share our joys, challenges, and prayers, creating a safe environment for vulnerability and support.

2. Fostering Deeper Understanding: Studying the Bible in a group setting allows for diverse perspectives and insights to emerge. Each member brings their unique life experiences, and these varied viewpoints enrich our understanding of God’s Word. Through lively discussions, we gain deeper insights and a more comprehensive understanding of Scripture.

3. Mutual Spiritual Growth: Iron sharpens iron, and in a Small Group setting, we inspire and encourage one another in our faith journeys. The collective wisdom of the group helps us navigate life’s trials and triumphs, spurring us toward continuous growth in our relationship with God.

4. Accountable Discipleship: A Small Group provides a space for accountability in our Christian walk. We can share our goals, pray for each other’s progress, and hold one another to our commitments. This accountability fosters discipline and empowers us to live out our faith more intentionally.

5. Strengthening Community Impact: As our faith deepens within the Small Group, its impact naturally extends to the broader community. The bonds formed in these gatherings empower us to engage in acts of service and outreach, radiating the love of Christ to those around us.

In a world that often emphasizes individualism, the practice of starting a Small Group In-Home Bible study reminds us of our interconnectedness and the beauty of growing together in Christ. It provides a haven of authentic relationships, spiritual growth, and impactful community engagement, offering a beacon of light and hope in the midst of societal separation.

Special Bonus!

I was asked by a Conference to write a report on the State of our Churches. Diving into the heart of this faith community, I found myself entrusted with a sacred mission – to compose a Special Report to shed light on the most pressing issues that ripple through our churches.

Here I found 5 Issues that Plague today’s “Churches”
Super Bonus: Grandma’s Favorite Bible Study Deserts & Snacks

These reports seek to serve as a lantern, by offering insights, we can guide the faithful toward a path of healing, renewal, and steadfast faith.

Bonus: Grandma’s Favorite
Bible Study Deserts & Snacks

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