Luke 9:28-43 – Be Obedient to Jesus’ Commandments

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Throughout the book of Luke, the followers of Jesus have seen Him heal the sick and cleanse the lepers, but they have also seen Him hung on a cross and betrayed by His friends. If we are to continue following Jesus, we need to learn how to act according to His commandments. The disciples in Luke 9:28-43 are tasked with responding to Jesus’ words and being obedient to His commands.

Jesus’ sonship requires obedience response from The Disciples

Those who are asserting the Sonship of Jesus are not denying that He is the God of the Bible. They are simply claiming that there is a new light that Jesus brings into the world. That light is Jesus and not another god. It is not a subtle form of polytheism.

Sonship does not mean subjection, and it does not require divinity. It does not mean that Jesus is not God, but it does mean that He is more than a man who rules over the earth on behalf of the Father. This is the essence of Christian faith. The true disciples continue to believe that Jesus is God’s Son.

Jesus did not go straight from a miraculous birth to a cross. He stayed on the earth for 33 years, obeying the Father. He grew in maturity, and his obedience was born out of love. His obedience cost Him suffering. His obedience reveals an intimate relationship between the Father and Son.

Jesus’ message is not a random victim of violence

Amongst the many new Christians I have met over the years, a handful of them have had the good fortune of experiencing a few too many “shock and awe” moments, the likes of which they have rarely shared. The good news is that many of these encounters can be avoided with a bit of forethought, a lot of humility and a hefty dose of gratitude. Taking the time to understand the reasons behind a person’s actions is a great place to start, and it is in those lessons that we often glean our most valuable lessons. After all, if you are to rely on a religious leader to guide you, you are putting your faith in someone else’s judgment. Fortunately, Jesus has a big enough heart to keep us from a bloodbath.

Jesus’ message is that He is going to be betrayed into human hands

Whether you believe in the Resurrection or not, Judas betraying Jesus is one of the most infamous events in history. There are several different interpretations of the events, including one which says that Judas’ betrayal was a necessary part of God’s plan. Another says that Jesus was fated to be crucified no matter how Judas betrayed Him.

The Gospel of John says that one of the disciples who knew Jesus best was named Judas. In addition, there is another disciple named Simon. Jesus had spent time with him, healed him from leprosy, and taught him a great deal.

The Bible does not tell us what Judas thought about Jesus when he first started following Him. Some believe that Judas may have become discouraged with Jesus’ refusal to become a political leader. He probably believed he had something to gain by being with Him.

Jesus’ message is that He is going to carry that light down the mountain

Among the most famous of Jesus’ teachings are his Sermon on the Mount. This teaching is not only important to Christians today, but it is a life-changing message. These teachings show that Jesus was not a self-righteous teacher, but one who spoke in a way that all could understand.

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is divided into three sections. The first section is devoted to religious practices. The second section focuses on devotional practices, while the third section is about true righteousness in the kingdom of God.

The first section of Jesus’ sermon begins with a series of ‘beatitudes’. These are a series of statements that describe the characteristics of a person who is blessed. These statements are often quoted as a part of the Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus’ message is that He is going to heal the sick

Often when people think about the ministry of Jesus they think about the supernatural power of God. While the power of God is certainly part of His character, Jesus’ ministry focused mainly on his ability to heal the sick. Specifically, his healing ministry involved the power of His anointing.

Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit and had the authority to heal. He used this power to heal every type of disease and affliction. This was a fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. It is not surprising, then, that Jesus healed many people. He did so to show people that He was the Son of God. He also did so so that people would know that their sins were forgiven.

While Jesus did not cure every disease, He did heal many people. Jesus healed lepers, mute men, and demon possessed men.

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