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Mark 1:9-15 What do you get when you mix holy water with a dove?

The ultimate baptismal experience according to Mark 1:9-15! Paid Table of Contents: Opening and Scripture Welcome Opening Prayer Introduction to…

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Mark 1:4-11 From Nazareth to Jordan: Jesus Takes the Plunge!

Jesus Takes the Plunge! As we explore Mark 1:4-11, may we open our hearts to the profound truths it holds…

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Acts 19:1-7 Holy Ghostbusters: Paul’s Wild Ride in Ephesus!

Ephesian Believers Ask: ‘Holy Spirit, Who?’ Paul Delivers Shocking Reply and we find a story that speaks directly to our…

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Free Sermon: Voice in the Wilderness Unpacking Mark 1:1-8

This passage lays the foundation for the ministry of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Welcome Beloved Congregation! We gather…

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Mark 1:1-8 Discover the Heart of John the Baptist’s Message

Let us now reflect on the Word of God and continue our worship in spirit and truth. Paid Table of…

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Luke 3:1-22 John the Baptist Prepares the Way

Three Important Things About Jesus’ Prayer. Throughout the gospel of Luke, we find numerous references to Jesus’ life of prayer. His…

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Acts: 8 Problems of Salvation & Cross-Denominational Discipleship Models

Acts 8 brings up the Problems of Salvation & Cross-Denominational Discipleship Models. Several issues are raised by this passage from…