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Mark 9:2-9: A Heavenly Makeover and A Surprise Guest List

“When you’re not the only surprise guest” Salvation and Surprise Parties: “Then Elijah and Moses show up. It’s like, ‘Surprise!…

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Isaiah 61:10-62:3 Clothed in Righteousness

Welcome Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, It is a joy to gather together once again as a family of…

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Luke 2:22-40: The Long Faithful Journey of Simeon and Anna

Paid Table of Contents: Welcome: Opening Prayer: Introduction to Scripture: SCRIPTURE: Luke 2:22-40 (NIV) Intercessory Prayer: Congregational Response: Introduction to…

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Gossip Alert! Romans 9:1-5 Who’s on Paul’s BFF List – Scandalous Revelations Inside!

Welcome:  Dear beloved congregation, with hearts filled with joy and gratitude, we gather once again in the presence of our…

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Romans 8:12-25 A Roller Coaster Ride of Hope, Suffering, and a Side of Redemption

Greeting: Greetings, dear fellow servants of God! Today, in Romans 8:12-25, I want to extend my gratitude to each one…

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Matthew 10:24-39 The Student and The Teacher

  Core Message: Jesus’ words in this passage remind us that following him is not an easy road. In fact,…

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Passion Predictions in Matthew 16:21-28

Core Message: Earlier in this passage, Jesus asked Peter a question that we all need to consider when it comes…

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Matthew 22:23-46 – Understanding the Sanhedrists

Aside from being a well-known and loved passage in the Bible Matthew 22:34-46 is also a chapter that’s often misunderstood….

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Mark 14: 1-11 – Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus

After Jesus’ first trial before the Sanhedrin, Judas is embarrassed by Jesus and agrees to betray him. However, as he…

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Jesus Comes to Jerusalem As King

  Whenever we are in a difficult time, we can look to Matthew 21:1-11 and the message of Jesus coming…